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Cy Twombly Gallery

“My line is childlike but not childish” – Cy Twombly Upon entering the grey concrete block of a building, known as the Cy Twombly Gallery, you are immediately transported to a world where Twombly’s bright colors and quick continuous marks … Continue reading

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Walter de Maria’s “Lightning Field”

Walter de Maria’s “Lightning Field” is a site specific work that speaks to the accessibility of art as well as the idea that anything can be art. By planting 400 steel rods into the earth in a field in New … Continue reading

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Jasper Johns “Two Flags Black

As Esther Sparks recalls, “Johns’s encounter with the lithographic stone was one of the great miracles.”[1] Johns was a painter and painted with encaustic because it “’keeps the character of each brushstroke, even in layers’”[2]; however, he then discovered lithography, … Continue reading

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