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Oral Fixation

Julia Randall’s exhibition Oral Fixation, at Wesleyan University’s Davison Art Center, displays both natural forms in an vacuous context, stunting their authentic character and ushering in an almost repulsive aura, and surreal forms, which intertwine her work with both social … Continue reading

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Space and Use, Parallelism Between Orozco and Whiteread

Home Run (1993), an installation created by Gabriel Orozco in a building across from the MOMA, presents oranges behind the window panes of an apartment building, conflating the perishable and impermanent oranges to the permanent presence of bronze sculptures in the … Continue reading

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André Kertész – Meudon, 1928

The allure of Kertész’s Meudon emerges not only from its vivifying surrealist aesthetic, but from Kertész’s ability to unify several individual artifactual existences into the momentary world contained within this otherwise unremarkable alleyway. Although compositionally the photograph exudes a spontaneous … Continue reading

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