PopUp ArtZine is a digital humanities component of the course Contemporary Art: 1945 to the Present taught by Dr. Liena Vayzman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History, at Wesleyan University.

This online publication is a platform for students to publish selected writing assigned in the course, including:

* exhibition reviews of museum and gallery shows on contemporary art

* original research on works of art in Wesleyan University’s Davison Art Center Collections

* critical response to the readings, which include artists’ writing as primary documents

* art news about relevant events and topics worldwide

Readers’ comments are welcome.

Course description:

This course explores the terms of debate, the key figures, and the primary sites for the production and reception of contemporary art on a global scale since 1945. Students will learn how today’s art has become more heterogeneous, contradictory, and dispersed than ever before; there is no cohesive international “art world.” At the same time, we will explore the ways in which cultures influence each other and enter into dialogue through the transnational work habits of many contemporary artists, curators, and critics. The course will be divided roughly into two halves: The first part will treat art produced primarily in the major cities of North America and Europe from 1945 through the 1980s; the second part will focus on the changes prompted by the political, social, and cultural realignments that occurred after 1989, as today’s globalizing art world began to take concrete form.