Jackson Pollock at The Getty

Jackson Pollock “Mural”

During spring break I was able to visit the Getty Center in Los Angeles, which had on display, Jackson Pollock’s Mural. I was impressed not only by the large scale of the piece but also the remarkable condition that it was in.  As I later learned, the Getty foundation commissioned an overhaul team to patch up and coat the piece, which had been badly damaged from humidity, weathering, and being moved around.  Curator Laura Rivers explains: “Mural, by Jackson Pollock, is now considered one of the iconic paintings of the twentieth century.  Following extensive study and treatment at the J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Conservation Institute, this exhibition presents the newly restored work alongside findings from the Getty’s research” (Rivers 1).  What is most striking about Jackson Pollack’s piece is the smooth curves and playful colors that dance around the canvas.  From a viewer’s perspective, standing back about 10 feet from the center of the painting, it is still hard to capture the full detail of Pollock’s work.  As curator Laura Rivers best describes Pollack’s piece: “It explores a transitional moment in Pollack’s career, as he moved toward the experimental application of paint that would become the hallmark of his technique” (Rivers 1).

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