Alma Allen at the Whitney Biennial

Alma Allen "Untitled (2013) walnut on aluminum base"

Alma Allen “Untitled (2013) walnut on aluminum base”

During my trip to New York I was able to visit the Whitney Biennial. What struck me the most was artist Alma Allen’s fourth floor exhibition of woodcarvings and stonework. There were several beautiful bowl shaped structures and other abstract formations.  The California based artists, who incorporates mainly wood and stone from Joshua Tree National Park, describes his work as, “a discovery into the process of natural materials” (Allen 1).  Once piece that I truly enjoyed was Allen’s Untitled (2013): Walnut on aluminum Base.  Maybe this was because of the glossed edges or simply because it is something that I would want displayed at my home.  Nevertheless, the beautiful linear patterns and cracks embody a sense of man with nature.


Allen, Alma. “2014 Biennial: Alma Allen.” Whitney Museum of American Art: Watch: Exhibitions:. The Whitney Museum Of American Art. Web. 16 May 2014.


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