The Yes Men

The Yes Men, a performance art group with an activist agenda, consist of two men Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, that impersonate respresentatives of big companies such as Exon, Halliburton and even the US Federal Government in order to bring media attention to the crimes of their unwilling employers. They define their work as Identity correction: impersonation big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them, and otherwise giving journalist excuses to cover important issues. Their work consists of months of research to find a target company, think of the best way to manipulate them and write a press release to send to hundred of journalists in the hopes that they will pick up the news story so that one of the Yes Men can impersonate a representative from the chosen company. Their film The Yes Men Fixed the World, contains some of their latest works that I have described below along with video links:

1. New York Times Special Edition: The Yes Men worked with other volunteers to create a special edition of the New York Times with their ideal headlines for their ideal world.

2. The Bhopal Disaster: On December 2-3 1984, a Union Carbide India Limited Pesticide Plant in Bhopal, India leaked deadly chemicals to over 500,000 people and was considered the world’s worst industrial disaster. The death tolls vary, to ranging from 2, 259 within the first couple months –to 8,000 overall along with 558,125 injuries and 3,900 permanently disabling injuries. The owner of the factory was Union Carbine Company which was then bought by a company called Dow Chemical in 2010, seven ex-employees were charged to two years imprisonment and had to pay a fine of $2,000. In 1986, they reached a settlement of 350 million that would  “generate a fund for Bhopal victims of between 500 and 600 million dollars over 20 years, but the Bhopal victims at this point int time had only received $500 each, which solely covers a year of medical care. The site had never been cleaned up and the company never claimed full responsibility until this…


Sara Guernsey Class of 2015

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